Sunday 7 November 2010

Lotte lotte fun!

This weekend has been very full! On friday the girls went to see the Seoul Lantern Festival which was put on for the G20 summit in Seoul this month. On saturday it was Dan's birthday (Irish Potato!) and he decided to go to Lotteworld. A theme park inside the Lotte mall. There is also an ice rink and bowling ally which we decided to go to. Then saturday night we went to our favourite restaurant (Pirate) in Gangnam! Saturday turned into a very long day, but it was absolutely fantastic and we all agreed probably the best day in Korea yet! Here are a few picture to peruse!

Now it's cold at school we teachers will be taking our classes wearing these slippers! In Korea you have to take your shoes off when you enter most buildings (yes a bit strange) and at school everyone has inside school slippers (flip flops) they wear only at school. But as it's freezing now the teachers ordered a load of these... It's strange but they are so warm! At least over here I fit in with everyone else now!

This was the China lantern...Pagoda, Jin Mao tower and TV Tower!

Big Ben!

World Cultural Heritage (Statue of Liberty, Leaning Tower of Pisa, Big Ben, Pyramids and a weird green monster thing)

Afterwards we went to Cold Stone for some Ice cream! Delicious!

Me, Irish Potato, Fontaine, Chris, Wendy and Chelsea

The Tea cups (which were called the Drunken Baskets!)

Singing Monkeys

Disney style castle

Everyone had some kind of ears or headwear on, So we joined in the fun!

Arcade basketball. Chris was the best.

Ice Skating

Ice Cream Birthday Cake!

BBQ got a little bit out of control!

Some crazy Koreans that we met!

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