Sunday 21 November 2010

Pusan, Penguins and partying

Last weekend Wendy, Chelsea, Fontaine and I went to Busan. I went cos I had an inset day on the monday so I was able to stay on sunday night too and the others came along for the ride! Kev was playing in a football tournament on the saturday so us girls went for a wander together, and basically went in every single cosmetic shop in Busan and spent far too much money! Kev took us for 'beer can' chicken, where they cook the chicken with a drink can up it's bum... it was delicious! On the sunday Kev and I went Ice skating and for the biggest burger of my life!
On monday I got the longest coach ride ever back to Seoul and then met Wendy in Coex mall where we went to the aquarium! Very different to Busan, with random fish tanks in sinks and television screens and more than an aquarium as there were otters, raccoons and beavers there too! Also included in this post are numerous food pictures. I rarely cook at home so I like to document what I'm eating out! Especially when it's delicious! Enjoy!

Potato soup!

Cheesy chips!

Chicken quesadillas

Fishy Busan!

Taking advantage of the freebies!

Mountain dew can chicken!

'It's my birthday, buy me a drink!' Fontaine sunk to new levels of desperation in her pauper state!

Korean subway and Soup in a bread bowl!

 Ladies and Gentlemen, my boyfriend...

Safety first!


Some man 'playing' his belt along to the saxophonist next to him. 

Massive burger!

I ate it ALL!



Vending machine fish tank

Sink fish tank

TV fish tank



Penguin... looks like a duck.

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