Sunday 21 November 2010

Culture darhhhling!

 This week's goings on... English Speech contest, School dinner out (complete with karaoke in a norabang), watching our friend's play, dancing in a gay bar, cold stone ice cream and lots and lots of food!

Judge Ruth! :-)

 Lovely lovely food! Sitting on the floor = pins and needles.

Outside the norabang room.

Fish and Chips

The merchant of venice.

The guy playing shylock was really good.

Our friend Michael is in the red jacket

whole cast.

Mmmmm, greek food! nom nom nom! Sooooooooo nice! <3

If you liked it then you should have out a ring on it!
Let's see if my boyfriend reads my blog... hahaha

Chris treated us all to ice cream!

Fontaine finished her's while the rest of us still had loads left!

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