Sunday 24 April 2011

Mid week outings

This week I went to VIPS steak restaurant with Wendy (delicious!), bought a flower on a whim, witnessed a flood at work and finally found the post-it kimbap place in Myeongdong.

VIPS steak and salad restaurant. It's expensive but it's sooooooo good! This one is in Hongdae.
FYI: Go out of exit 9 in hongdae, walk straight until the next left turning. VIPS is on the corner.

I went to the market near my house for some fruit and veg and there was a man selling flowers in the sunshine. I was seduced by this gerbera and am now trying to keep it alive in my flat. It's a reminder that it's now spring. Over here the cherry blossoms on the trees are beautiful but I really miss spring in the UK, the daffodils by the side of the road, councils planting flowers on round abouts and the smell of freshly cut grass along fairfield road. There really is nothing like moving away from home to show you exactly what you love about it (you tend to forget all the negative things!)

These two photos do not really show the extent of the flooding at my school but perhaps you can make out some water. On Thursday, while I was planning classes with my 4th grade co-t the ceiling started to leak. It was weird, it was a nice day outside, so no rain, and there isn't a toilet above our classroom... where was the water coming from? We rang the caretaker and he said he would come and sort it out. My co-t and I finished planning and she left. 2 minutes later she returned and started talking to my other co-t in Korean. The word for lift (elevator) is the same in Korean. They explained to me that the lift was leaking...? WHAT?! So naturally, I went to check it out. The lift was indeed 'leaking', water was literally gushing out from between the doors. It looked like a fountain! So apparently what happened is some kind of water filter/pump/tank burst and sent the water flowing down the coridoor and into the lift shaft. Unfortunately it didn't cause enough damage to close the school the following day. Which I was very disappointed about!

A while ago I saw a friend's pictures of a kimbap restaurant where you can write your own post it note and add it to the walls of the restaurant with the thousands of others. Then I stumbled upon a blog that mentioned it too. The directions on the blog were rubbish and last time I was in Myeongdong I couldn't find the place. So I did some detective work and on thursday last week dragged Hayley and Wendy along to find the place (and do some shopping too)

Chan bok ramyeon

We ordered Rainbow and Philiadelphia rolls and a sushi platter.

FYI: To get to the restaurant from Myeongdong station exit 6. Turn left and walk straight, go past Froever 21 and Zara. When you reach the T mobile shop walk a little further and take the first alleyway on your right. The restaurant is in this alleyway.

My new dress from Forever 21. I think it will make my mum proud to hear that the straps were too long for this dress but I bought it and shortened them at home this same evening! You have taught me well mother!

Drinks in a coffee shop near Myeongdong station. ( take the first right and look for the massive COFFEE sign)

This is gwang jang market in Dongdaemun. My korean friend took me here for some food and it was like being transported back to China! This is only the second place in Korea that has reminded me of some of the crazy, unpolished charm of the Orient. Jooyoung apologised to me about the noise of the market! I told him that traditionally markets in London were noisy, bustling places where cockney geezers shout out their prices, he was shocked and said 'but London men are gentlemen!' So so so much to learn!

This is one of the things we ate, 빈대떡 (bin dae dok) a potato pancake. It was lovely!
we also had lightly battered vegetables and these 'Traditional Korean Noodles' 잔치국수  (jan chi guk su)

FYI: There are a few different ways to get to the market but this seems the simplest to me. Go to Dongdaemun station (Blue line 4) and head out of exit 7. Walk for 30 seconds and turn right into the market complex. You have to walk a little way past the empty stalls but you will see the busy section in the middle intersection of the complex.
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