Monday 18 April 2011

Open Mic

So last night (sunday) my friend Michael and I performed for the first time at open mic here in Seoul. We first talked about doing a set in January, and then holidays and travelling got in the way, we've been practising for a few weeks now and sunday finally rolled around when open mic was on and by 9.00 am I was petrified! Nerves were with me all day, and even though we practised before the show and it went ok (apart from one song) we were both really nervous when we got up to perform. We'd invited a load of our friends to come, especially as it was Chris' (one of my best friends here in Korea) last night here with us as he's going home to Canada today at 4pm. We got through it all without too many mistakes and were even asked to go back up on stage to do another verse and chrous of Stand by me so that we could get the whole bar doing a sing along. I got Hayley to record two of the songs so I've attached the youtube video link here. For some reason my blog doesn't let me attach videos. There were other people there taking photos and videos as well so If they get posted anywhere I'll link them to here at a later date.

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1 comment:

  1. Love the videos - must get your singing talent from your mother? Only joking you can really sing!!