Friday 29 April 2011

Will 4 Kate

Today is the day! As I post this threre are 5 hours and 59 minutes until the wedding! and I seem to have caught wedding fever... 

So tonight, 6pm Korean time we will be celebrating our future King's wedding with sandwiches, tea, wine (come on it's friday evening here and we don't have champagne) and rock cakes (victoria sponge is rather hard to come by). I also have left over fried chicken - subsituted for coronation chicken! 

Can't wait to see her dress, and also to watch the procession from Buck House to Westminster Abbey! London in the sunshine I miss you!

In the spirit of British-ness, RULE BRITANNIA!!!
Let's hope her dress looks a bit better than this when she steps out of the carriage

FYI: As I posted before you can watch the wedding here or on youtube or at the BBC. At 7pm Korean time the wedding service will start at then at 9.30 pm they will appear on the Buckingham Palace balcony with the Queen to wave to their loyal supects below!
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