Tuesday 10 May 2011

Children's Day

The past two weeks have been filled with hit and miss weather. When it’s been nice, I’ve tried to make the most of the sun and got myself out to enjoy it.  Here is a collection of photos from the sunny days, a bike ride along the river, picnic outside in the park, some stumbled upon art in a subway, Children’s day sports at school and Indian food in dongdaemun!

Traditional Korean games -  Tug of war??!

Synchronised dancing

Hongdae bar that sells flavoured soju in a petrol pump

Xylophone bar is in Hongdae, go out of exit 9, walk up past burger king and to the busy street with bars/restaurants Turn right and then take the first left down a side street.

I REALLY like swings!!

Work those arms!

Nice pastel shade bike. Hire bikes in Hangang park, near exit 2 of yeoinaru station (line 5) You can get to the park from Nakseongdae by bus 461 to yeoido stn and walk down the the park. Bike hire costs 2,000 KRW for an hour, you have to leave your ID as deposit.

Our 'picnic' consisted of items bought at the convenience store conveniently in the park. Something I love about Asia.

Battered chicken, cookies and garlic and rosemary bread

Rose tea in a restaurant in Insadong (exit 6 Anguk station, Line 3)

Art in gwanghwamun station.

Nepalese and Indian fare in Everest, Dongdaemun. It was nice but the portions were FAR FAR FAR too small! All curry dishes were around 7,000 KRW

Everest is out of exit 3 of dongdaemun station, take the 2nd left (first left is a tiny alley right outside the station exit) and then take the first right. You will see Everest on the 1st (US 2nd) floor on the building in front of you. There are a few different Indian restaurants around this area however and I would recommend trying them out for taste and portion size too. That's what I'm going to do soon!

Pretty place and very busy, with locals and foreigners

Why does coke out of a glass bottle always taste better?

A Brit, a Kiwi and some fried food.

Alice in Wonderland themed Hof.

Right outside exit 7 of dongmyo stn.

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