Friday 6 May 2011

Hello Macey my old friend, I've come to travel with you again

This weekend is a holiday in South Korea. Tuesday 10th May is Buddah's birthday, and in celebration it is a national holiday. My school have also given me monday off, so I am lucky enough to have a long weekend. I am glad about this, having missed the crazy double bank holiday in the UK (grumble grumble). It's 3pm on friday, and I am itching to leave the confines of my desk to get out and enjoy myself. My friend Macey (and her friends Jasmin and Ping) are over exploring for this weekend so I want to be out with them, even in this horrible rain! I have a few posts in the pipeline so I feel that my tuesday off might be spent in a cafe blogging.

As far as I can work out this photo was taken in 2006. We really need to update our collection!

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