Tuesday 17 May 2011

Run rabbit run rabbit run run run


I just started running. After 26 years of never running. 26 years of hating running. I started running here at the gym, and for the first couple of times, it was hard but I did it. Then my body seemed to reject it. I’d begin running and then after about a minute and a half I’d have a really bad stitch The kind you get just below your lung and stops you from breathing. I’d force myself to continue but eventually the pain in my chest would defeat me. This was really disheartening, but I carried on and all it took in the end was better posture. So now I run like I have a pole rammed up my bum (lovely thought) but at least it works and I can run properly now! So far I have got myself to a (probably not  very impressive) 2km without walking. I am proud of myself and I will get myself to 5km without slowing down soon and then onwards from there. Slow and steady wins the race. I am going to the gym today, but I feel guilty because I haven’t been running for over a week. I still wouldn’t say I like running, and I still want to give up almost immediately. But the difference now is that I don’t and I feel I’m getting somewhere (odd as I’m on a treadmill).

Running. My new best (worst) friend (enemy).


FYI: My gym is 'Jamaica Fitness' on the 13th Floor of Egg Yellow building at Seoul National University Subway Station (line 2).
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