Wednesday 6 July 2011

Grade 5 Music Videos

Taking inpiration from another teacher here in Seoul (and fellow blogger) the last 2 weeks my grade 5 students have made music videos to go with the song "what a wonderful world'. This was to fit in with the lesson 'What a nice day!'. Here are the finished versions. Hope you enjoy them! :-)

Class 5-1:

Class 5-2:

Class 5-3:

Class 5-4:

Class 5-5:

Class 5-6:

Class 5-7:

Class 5-8:

Class 5-9:

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  1. These were great, what a good idea! Some very mature interpretations of the song from such young people. You must have inspired them.

  2. Very cool, glad it worked out for ya.. wishin I had Imovie or whatever its called, liked the special effects on the words.. Such a fun lesson!

  3. Fantastic idea Rolo! I have sooooo much to learn >.<