Wednesday 13 July 2011

I can't stand the rain

Korea's weather sucks. I never thought I would say this but English weather is much better. Yeah it's rains at home, but generally in showers and although it can be raining in the morning, you know it could easily brighten up in the after noon. Summer and spring have days that are warm, and even in the winter, it's cold but you can still go out and do stuff. Korea? Korea is all about extremes; in the Winter it is so cold your fingers are likely to drop off if you stay outside too long, in the summer the heat and humidity is unbearable, as soon as you pass through your front door you are sweating, thoughout this heat, you are also faced with pouring rainstorms. June and July this year are monsoon style months (I assume this is the same every year) and when it rains, it rains! For hours and hours on end. Relentlessly. Pouring. It's still hot though, so you're sticky and hot and wet. This weather is not pleasant, and although I never imagined this happening, I do actually miss the mild weather in the UK. Gloomy days or not! 

Daiso Loot

Home cooked pasta and proper veg, it's been a while

Cool, East (Pagoda) meets West (ugly skyscraper) scene I noticed while outside immigration

It was a Buddhist meditation office centre

New desperately needed wellies

The rain in Spain falls mainly on the plain

The rain in Korea falls constantly day and night

But they do have these convenient brolly bags outside most shops, subways or department stores. Handy!

This video is from China, but the rain is the same as we've been seeing here for the past 2 weeks. Have you seriously seen anything like this that can last for that long before?!?

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  1. Does that mean I can keep your Raindrop Wellies?!!