Monday 16 July 2012

14 hours in JeongDongJin Part 1

A visit to JeongDongJin has been on my list since the beginning. After two previous attempts I finally made it here just before I leave. My weekends in July are completely full so the first weekend (7th) was the only opportunity. I decided to get the overnight train on friday, which would mean I arrived a couple of hours before sunrise. This is one of the 'sights' to see in JeongDongJin. Unfortunately the weather didn't comply and it was overcast. The sun rose, but as it was hidden behind the clouds I didn't see anything. Much the same as my sunrise trek in Bali. Sunsets are ten a penny, but sunrises are a lot more elusive. I will continue on my quest however. After the unsuccessful sunrise, the heavens opened. It was before 6am, the weather was rubbish and the only places open was the waiting room at the station and 7/11. After waiting in 7/11 for about an hour, enquiring about a coffee shop nearby and staring out at the rain I decided to head to the station and wait there. I sat and read my book waiting for the day to really begin, and thus began my 14 hours in Jeong Dong Jin.

Ready to go

The sea, as I alighted from the train. 

oh, did I mention it was FREEZING next to the sea at 3.15am.

I thought these looked cool, hanging there. I later saw a girl trying on one of the hats. So I assume they are actually there for dressing up.

I realise this is horribly blurred. But these girls were lighting fireworks and for some reason my camera didn't focus in time. This was the last one they sent up. Even though it's a photo failure I still think it looks quite cool.

This is the hourglass that is resent every year at New Year. It orginially counted down to the millennium and also signifys the name of a famous Korean drama flimed here 'Hourglass'.

A cruise ship on a cliff...

Sand, puddles and soon-to-be ruined shoes.

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