Tuesday 3 July 2012

Remember when I was on Korean TV?

A couple of weeks ago my friend Angie asked me if I was interested in doing some filming for a Korean shopping channel, with the chance to make some money. Of course I said yes, something great about being a foreigner here is that you get random opportunities to turn up, be yourself and get paid for it. I have previously also filmed for a samsung advert and in China my friends and I were filmed for some kind of drama. Angie asked me to also get a guy to come with me (they insisted he be white so as to maintain the Korean English speaker stereotype) and I roped in my friend Michael to help. We had a great time messing around on the set, as there were lots of fun props. The product we had to gush over was a type of 'English speaking robot'. Basically a computer programme that you speak to and it communicates back. It had a hard time understanding my accent as it was geared towards an American one, and this made for some funny mistakes but overall it was a cool toy to play with!


We had to pretend to chat to each other in English

Asking 'Where is the restaurant?' and thoroughly scaring the poor guy (although it's just acting!)

Such a hard life for us actors

Playing with the product

More pretend conversations

On set


me and my friend

Taking a well earned break

The Beatles, they get everywhere!

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  1. If the Princess kisses the Toad does she get her Prince? Now I understand those strange photos on Facebook!!

    1. None of the toads I've kissed turned into Princes. :-(