Thursday 5 July 2012

Ferry 'cross the west sea

Last week another friend of mine, Rahul, left Korea to return to Canada. To celebrate our last weekend together, we all headed out west to Incheon and hopped on a ferry to explore some of the islands off the coast. The weather was good and the company even better and great fun was had! So much fun was being had in fact that when we decided to leave the beach and return to the harbour to catch the ferry back to the mainland, we found out we had likely missed the last one. Rather than wait for the bus to get us to the ferry port, we started to walk there ourselves, thinking we would flag down the bus if it came past. Panic began to rise as we realised we might be stuck on the island until the next day (monday - not a day we could take off work). The bus came past and we waved our arms frantically until he stopped and let us on, the driver kept telling us there was no boat. When we arrived at the port, the bus driver made a sprint to the ticket office - was he going to help us? A lot of flailing of arms and frantic word exchanges and it seemed our bus driver was going out of his way to help us (what a nice man!). We spotted a boat leaving from one of the other islands, and it appearded to be changing course. Our bus dirver had contacted the boat and it was one it's way over to pick us up. As we paid for our tickets, the lady behind the booth told us 'This never happens!' over and over again. Turns out we were pretty lucky that day, thanks to an incredibly nice and helpful bus driver! We made it across the small strait and eventually onto a bus back to the subway line. Before we headed off to our separate corners of Seoul, the 5 of us had our last dinner together (in Mr Pizza) and also managed to skype Donna, who was just starting her day in Florida. It was a lovely day, with excellent adventure and a great story to tell everyone. Rahul you are sorely missed over here!

Rahul, Alex, Myheshni, Michael and I

The gentlemen of the group

Ladies chatting

Candid shot

He was very excitied about the trip

The ferry on the way there

Seagulls everywhere!

Recreating Titanic

We tried to walk out to sea, but the mud started to suck us under so we bid a hasty retreat

The boat that turned around

Our saviour

He's just chillin'

Seagulls everywhere (again)

The boat crew

Last picture on the subway home

He tried to race Rahul up the escalator and ended up slicing his toe.

Good job Rahul carries a first aid kit

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  1. What an amazing story, the boat was a long way out. I bet you will all be talked about for a long time, the lady at the Ferry Port will be telling all and sundry about the day the boat came back!!

  2. The photo makes it look further out than it was but still pretty cool that it changed course!! I think the woman will probably be moaning about the stupid foreigners who came and didn't read the times of the boat!