Friday 7 October 2011

Bangkok's Floating Market

Wendy had to leave Thailand earlier than Fonts and I, so we went to the floating market on our own. I've wanted to visit one of the markets since I taught a module from this textbook with a passage about four markets around the world. I'd read a lot of reviews that said it was a tourist trap, not worth it, blah blah... but I still wanted to see it for myself. It was a tourist trap, it wasn't really worth it, but if I hadn't gone I would have regretted it. Our tour group was also taken to a snake show, which we had to sit outside and wait to finish, as Fonts and I had no money left... The market was really busy, and the stuff on sale was the same stuff you'd find at any market in Thailand. It would have been peaceful, floating around, if there hadn't been quite so much boat traffic.

On the way

There are lots of smaller canals coming off the main river
and houses all along

These were a lot better maintained than further along the mekong, obviously in a much more prosperous location

The only thing you can actually buy from a 'floating stall' is food

I've got a lovely bunch of coconuts (or mangoes if you're interested)
Bananas and dragons eyes

On yer bike

Dunno what these are... some kind of citrus fruit
Naughty things on sale
They take cards, who'd have thought!

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  1. Can you go back to the floating market? I've seen a handbag I like!!