Wednesday 26 October 2011

Seoul Dream Forest

I recently travelled way up north in Seoul to Visit Dream Forest, one of many parks in Seoul. This one has an Art centre within its grounds and I'd heard about a temporary exhibition of Cecil Beaton's photographs there so I went to check it out. The exhibition has finished now but it was quite good. It was only small but I'd been itching to wander around a gallery for a while, missing the exhibition of Kate Middleton's wedding dress in Buck House and generally the Tate Modern gallery in London so it was a great way to spend the afternoon. I also stayed a couple of hours in the park, reading my book, watching the families relaxing and enjoying the last of Seoul's warm weather for a while. Koreans engage in all sorts of activites in the park so while I was wandering I snapped a few of the things I saw them doing.

You shouldn't take photos in Art Exhibitions, but I wanted to snap a few of the subjects of this one, I managed to get some before being told not to. The girl in charge didn't make me delete the ones I'd taken so here they are.

The observatory looked interesting so I made my way up the check it out.

Lift come cable car...

The view of Dream Park

Seoul Tower in the Distance, and my house is even further south past the Tower

All I want for Christmas...

Korean park activities (this is either before or after their professional looking picnic):




Traditional Hannok housing.
Dog walking
Kite stuck in a tree
Cool bench

Take Local bus no. 5 from Mia Samgeori station (Light blue line 4), it takes about 5 minutes. Sit on the right side of the bus and keep an eye out of the window for the Park, the stops aren't announced in English.
No one takes any notice of which side to stay on. Oh Korea.

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