Thursday 6 October 2011

A Wild Wild Adventure

 We spent our monday off this week at Seoul Zoo. It was a lovely day, the remnants of summer lasting into October.



Like a big gerbil

He couldn't get up onto that rock, no matter how hard he tried!




In the monkey enclosure people were feeding the monkeys crisps, which meant that they weren't interested in the bananas in the cage. One mother was trying to force her little boy to hand the monkey the food into his hand. I'm pretty sure that's not allowed in the zoo, and also unsure why she'd think that was a good idea. The monkeys are so used to being fed by the public that this one actually hold out his hand Oliver Twist style...

Cute little baby!

I don't know who was more fascinated by whom...




Zebra hiding from the sun

Seoulites in their natural habitat

Otters swimming around:

Ostriches doing something naughty

Is the egg really produced that quickly?

I'm watching you

The audience for the Dolphin show

To get to the Zoo, take line 4 (light blue line) to Seoul Grand Park. Exit 2 brings you out at the park and it's about a 10 minute walk to the zoo entrance.

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