Saturday 22 October 2011


 When you're travelling it's a good idea to take a book because those long bus/train/plane/boat journeys can get a bit boring otherwise, and you never know if your ipod battery will last long enough (I wonder how long kindle batteries last?). Over the summer I finished 3 books (average 1 a week). Since being back I've found it hard to get into the two most recent books I've started. My mum sent me out 'The life of Pi', which has broken my reading block, so now I should be able to get though the four other books waiting on my bookshelf for me to read!

I was aprehensive about this one because of the film, but I really enjoyed following Elizabeth Gilbert's journey and identified with her much more than with Julia Roberts from the film.

Recommended by Nicola! This book was fantastic. I waited until I'd finished the book to watch the film, which was good but not equal to the book. I literally couldn't put this book down!

I've read all of Xinran's other books, and this one was ok, but probably only second worst to her collection of newspaper articles 'What the Chinese don't eat'. This is really a book aimed at Chinese adoptees from the west. It wasn't really anything new for me as I have been interested in China for a while now. 'The good women of China' is a much better read.

Love love loved it! Her love of france is clear and it was interesting seeing life though the eyes of the woman who paved the way for future generations of celebrity chefs.

Not bad, a short story about a guy who goes on the run after being burdened with national secrets.

I haven't finished this book yet, but the introduction laid big claims that: 'This story will make you believe in god'. and as my friend Chris would say 'It's written by a Canadian you know'

The two books I started but have so far abandoned...

Birdsong was excellent until the end. I hope I can get though this without being disappointed.
His book on Korea was really good, and I was hoping that I would get into this because of his good writing and my interest in China. But so far - nothing.

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  1. Remind me to take you to the West End Stage Show of 39 Steps when you eventually return to blighty. It's very lo-tech but an old fashioned charming production - rather like the book!