Tuesday 25 October 2011

Seoul Dae Take-away

Most days I can't be bothered to cook. My kitchen to really small and ingredients for food that I know how to cook are either unavailable or very pricey. So I often get take away to eat at my apartment. Here are a couple of note near my house in Seoul Dae.

I'm so pleased I found out the Indian restaurant near me offers take away. It's really popular so when I went to get mine one a friday night, the restaurant was completely full!

They gave me a strawberry lassi while I chose my order

Chicken Tikka Masala, butter naan and a glass of red wine. Friday night in bliss!

Yummy yummy

I really like the Fry pan chicken restaurant and they offer take-away too which I've got on a number of occations. I found another chicken places round the back of my apartment building which offers chicken with wedges (Fry Pan has chicken with crisps [potato chips]). It's 17,000 won from Kkanbu chicken and 14,500 from Fry pan. Fry pan is boneless fillets while Kkanbu had some bones. Both good value and tasty though.

Go out of exit 4, walk stright and turn at the first left turn. Walk past the PC bang and 'Seoul Motel' second right Kkanbu Chicken is on the corner.

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