Thursday 13 October 2011


I loved living in China. Sure it was hard, it was a lot more rough-around-the-edges than Seoul. It had character, it was strange and unknown. There were so many diverse places to visit, so much complex history to unravel. It was both welcoming and suspicious of the foreign visitor, filled with huge modern skyscrapers, massive expanses of rice paddies, stereotypical farmers in Oriental hats, beautiful side streets to explore and tantilising remnants of cultural revolution graffitti. I like Seoul too, its modern convieniences, finding a little peice of Asia beneath it's polished exterior, I like the simplicity of getting around, day to day life that doesn't present hundreds of communication problems and I love the teaching here. So going to Taiwan was like a meshing of the two. They speak (accented) mandarin Chinese, have a history intertwinned and totally separate from China but with all the development and modernity I'm used to in Seoul. Something Taiwan (and China) has that Korea cannot compete with, is a long and fascinating history. Something that I will hopefully be writing about on here soon... stay tuned.

Ticket for the subway... a plastic coin

Absolutely brilliant, no need for that gently-push-against-the-door-because-you're-not-sure-if-it's-occupied

Sweet peach and sweet grape flavour beer. yum!

Apparently all of those characters say 'Hold on'.

This is brilliant. I want one!

Much better than the reins my mum used to use to keep me in sight...

A cow riding a papaya... totally normal

A restaurant that has eliminated bathrooms...

I saw one like this in Hongdae too, soon to be visited by me!

Didn't look anything like Notting Hill to me

I loitered for a bit, just for the thrill of it!

Perhaps you can make it out... Don't eats

It was raining and I used it anyway! hahahaha

Taiwan for Chuseok from Ruthie Rolo on Vimeo.

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  1. Bahaha. Visits a part - Pirate Swing... score! I love it. The only time I spent in Taiwan was a lonely 8 hours on Christmas eve in '09, and I never left the airport, so clearly it doesn't count! I'll have to go back and search out these gems... and definitely sample that fruity beer? I love the bathroom "real time display", that's a stroke of genius right there, haha. Glad you had an awesome Chuseok!!