Monday 27 June 2011

17 things that happen when you're computer-less

This weekend my computer has been held captive in the repair shop. It was supposed to take 2 days to fix but that was on wednesday and I still haven't had the call to say it's ready... this weekend I had decided to check out a photography exhibition I heard about on facebook, that is until I remembered I didn't have a computer to check the details. So here are 17 things I found to do when completely computer-less

- Make cookies
- Spend too much money in daiso (pound shop) on things for the home
- Buy a completely overpriced UK magazine
- Drink too many cups of tea
- Listen to music on the extremely substandard speaker built into your iPod.
- Watch TV
- Realise how bad the signal is on your TV
- Do some washing (even though your washing basket is nearly empty)
- Clean your apartment
- Write a letter to a friend you have neglected for a while
- Finish reading your book
- Paint your nails
- Watch a terrible movie with Kevin Bacon in it just because it's the only thing in English on TV
- Read overpriced UK magazine cover to cover
- Use it's 'revamp your life' section to replan your life
- Read your horoscope and actually take what it says to heart.
- Consider practising Korean, and then realise you don't have a computer to play the CD-Rom on. Duh!
- Phone Kevin and have a go at him because you're bored and he's not.

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1 comment:

  1. Maybe I should dump my computer - I'd get some housework done occasionally!!