Thursday 9 June 2011

Food and books

This post pretty much sums up my weekday evenings at the moment. Eating and reading, and the gym as well but I don't have any pictures of that. Thank goodness! Saving isn't much fun, but planning what you will do with those savings is incredibly fun. Tonight I will be booking my flight out of Seoul in August (and back again 3 weeks later). Saigon here I come!

Vietnamese food with School. That rice was far spicer than I had anticipated! 
Delicious! Salad and fried dumpings (the other dish is a buckwheat noodles thing which I didn't try)

Loving this stuff at the moment!

Crisps that come with their own dip. Ingenious! (Nicola this is in your next parcel from Korea!)


I had a big one (that what she said!)

Wongers. Opposite directions home!


Spending too much money on books. Kev: "Don't you have an English language library in Seoul?" Me: "Yeah but I like keeping the books on my shelf".
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