Tuesday 28 June 2011

Latin America

Last time Kev visited we decided to hike the Seoul Fortress walls. I got the info for this from this site. We found the place ok but only walked a little way and the wall ended. We went in seach of the next part of it but were unsuccessful. One of the best things about living abroad is when you plan to do something and although it doesn't work out you stumbled across something else cool happening. As was the case on this day. We saw some tents ahead of us and went to check it out. Turns out there was a Latin American festival going on so we stayed and ate, drank and enjoyed the entertainment!

The only picture from the Fortress walk...

Italian arancini

Worth the crazy long wait!


We went to Peru, Brazil, Mexico...

Peruvian fare. The green sauce on the potatoes was the.spiciest.thing.I.have.ever.eaten
I think the potatoes are this dish: Papa a la huancaina although at the festival the sauce was green, perhaps because of pepper availability

Spanish Omelette

Mersey tunnel

Caipirinha and sangria

Cheese bread from Brazil (pão de queijo)

Basically a cheese and ham toastie. Ah-Mazing! (This: empanada)

One way to hold my bag

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  1. Loved the Synchronised Jiving. Dad and I could give them a run for their money!!!