Monday 27 June 2011

Summon the police woop woop woop

I've been taking a night class at the National Palace Museum throughout June and last week as I was making my way to class across the road were loads of police officers. The Museum is near the Police academy building so it's not unusual to see cadets practising, but this was much more. A lot of them were decked out in riot gear and they were all lining the edge of the pavement. This was an unusual sight, so I filmed it as I crossed the road. Once I got across I realised there was a kind of protest/demonstration happening. Lots of disabled people in wheelchairs were moving along the pavement, many with tin cans dragging along behind and with posters, which naturally I couldn't read. This seemed a bit strange as the police were so heavily armed with safety equipment and I couldn't imagine those protesting making that much trouble. I guess the police were there to offer the protesters protection, but it still seemed rather excessive. Here is the video I took, sorry it's a bit jumpy but I was walking along.

This is the bar of soap I made at my first class. It's a peach, which has some symbolism, which I can't remember at the moment. Opps!

Spring in Nakseongdae park. It's a really peaceful place to relax. Here are some images from Autumn

Nice day in the park

Who knows where the name of the post is from?
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