Sunday 19 June 2011

Glamping at the beach... sort of.

Last weekend we got away from it all on an overnight excusion to a deserted island. Sand sand and sand everywhere and our toilet was behind a big rock... glamping at it's best!

Over night in the jimjilbang. Do not go to one of these if you actually intend on sleeping overnight. This is Korea, people will arrive at all manner of times during the night, the lights will never go off and everyone will continually be incredibly loud.

Very long bridge connecting the airport island with the mainland.

That banana was really manky, but she ate it anyway.

On the small boat to the deserted island

A starfish we found

Also scavenged for some clams and then cooked them in beer, water and some of the old burger fat.

Tasty, but still very sandy


Our house for the night

Our tent village

Lunch: burgers, complete with gherkins, onions, lettuce and tommy k.

Chopsticks only, no spatulas.

Ipod speaker

I dig my toes into the sand

The sky resembles a backlit canopy with holes punched in it.

and then the sun set

and the fun began!

$7 gin. Classy

Firestarter, twisted firestarter!


yum yum

My first ever Smore. (toasted mashmallow and chocolate squeezed between two ginger biscuits, Americans know how to make tasty fattening delights)

Then the next day back on the small boat

Scrabble on the ferry

Sunburnt in a few places

New friends
and a Korean family in a tent.

 We arranged the trip through Adventure Korea and it cost 96,000 for the travelling fees, tent rental and food.
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