Thursday 23 June 2011

Pizza School Love

 I recently read a blog which was pretty negative about the foreign food you can get out here in Korea. Especially pizza. This made me think, because so far I've not been horribly dissappointed when eating western food in Seoul. It's never going to be what you are used to at home, but then I know that Indian food in the UK is not like it is in India, and Chinese food is certainly not like it is in China. Anyway back to pizza. As you'd expect western food out here is expensive. Pizza is no exception, Mr Pizza, Pizza Hut, Dominoes and Papa Johns are all available here but thay charge an arm and a leg. But let me introduce you to my favourite take away shop; Pizza School! As far as I am aware it is a Korean chain, and it is cheap! Yesterday I bought an Iced smoothie from Holly's coffee for 5000 won. Pizza school pizza starts at 5,000. FOR A WHOLE PIZZA! This is cheap. It's made on the premises, infact st my local one I like to watch the lady preparing it, looks like fun! Yes, the toppings can be unusual; sweet potato (not that good as it's sweet potato paste), potato pizza (my fave, comes with bacon as well!) and all the pizzas come with sweetcorn as standard. Now that might be a bit weird but it's something different, and if you like sweetcorn, where is the problem?? You can get stuffed crust and dipping crust and garlic sauce (yum yum yum). What is not to like about pizza school? I usually try and eat only half the pizza for tea and then it can do me for 2 meals (I'm trying to save money here!). One down side is that the pizzas are only available in one size, but really, if you want more why not just buy two? I really like pizza school, and so what if it's not the same as you're used to at home, it's not like UK, American, French, Canadian, Australian, Spanish,German, Russian etc etc pizza is authentically Italian is it?!!

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  1. Hahaha! Ji Hee told me about the Sweet potato toppings! Gotta say, it can't be worse than the Egyptian Pizza I had - the veggie option was potatoes (as in the new kind) and carrots... needless to say I ended up sticking to margarita for the remainder of the trip... :-P M x