Tuesday 21 June 2011

Guess Who

When you have to prepare materials for games and activities in class sometimes you have to think of names for characters or pictures. When I am put on the spot I always go through my friends and family for inspiration. This week I've prepared the game "Guess Who?' for 5th grade. I thought I would share my pictures and names to the people who provided the inspiration. If your name isn't here then I probably deemed it too difficult for Koreans to pronounce, either that or I just forgot! (See also my Rolling Stones/Beatles influence this week!)


Lucy in the sky with diamonds, Rolling Stones and a Prince!

I like teaching 5th grade, I had half of them last year as 4th graders and they are a good bunch of students, but they can be noisy (see hot/cold game here), the last 2 weeks we've been making Music videos (to be posted when finished here this week) and I simply had to video this class because they were so quiet it was almost eerie...

and finally... I went to view some apartments this week. In one of the lifts was this poster. I was initally concerned that the building was unsafe. But turns out this guy was caught stealing... an umbrella. Seoul really is a safe city.
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  1. HAHAHAH RUTH! Thats MY apartment building!!!!! HAHAH I almost died when i saw the pic here, it has been up since last summer and I crack up everytime I am in it:) hahahhaha:)

    Also, I love 5th grade too, they are soo sweet! Playing guess who this week too:)

  2. Hahahaha! That is exactly what my class looks like.... NOT!
    I'm not going to comment on the picture with my name! However... I am honoured to be included... but really!
    M x

  3. Yeah it's funny, I had to keep telling them "Mary is a girl"! :-)