Tuesday 20 September 2011

Bike riding in Angkor

 If you go to see the Angkor temples, you should definitely hire bikes for the day. It's such a great way to get around and you see way more than if you're stuck in a tuk tuk with a roof, or whizzing past on a motorbike. Just be prepared to have a sore bum :-(

That lady wanted our business so much she literally ran after Fonts waving a menu in her face while she was still riding. She then watched us as we looked around the sites nearby and then followed us around the little market stalls, despite our best efforts to lose her. I'm very stubborn about being harrassed and therefore deliberately didn't eat in her restaurant.

Bike riding is a lot of fun

Cheng off on her own!

Wendy's making a stupid face behind me. RUDE!

This was the day we tried (and failed) to get a good sunset shot of Angkor Wat. I snapped this on the way there and it's the best we could come up with!

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  1. Where is your cycle helmet? Can't let you out of my signt for a minute!!