Friday 23 September 2011

Other things in Cambodia

 There is more to see in Cambodia than mass graves and Angkor Wat. Here is a little taster of the other things we saw.

Outside the central market

and veg galore!

We didn't know the name is this fruit...

'Let's all go down the strand, 'ave a banana!' (a song my mum used to sing when she was annoyed)

This picture wasn't very good

So I put the flash on and startled all the birds!

You're a bit crabby today.


After taking this picture the park guard came and told us to get off. Meany.

My camera does arty things!
Leading to the Imperial Palace

Fontaine has a thing about trees

Such an Asian tourist

It wasn't that interesting in the palace

and the Silver Pagoda was Cambodia's biggest anticlimax.

Living it up in Angkor What? bar in Siem Reap

Vietnam - Cambodian friendship monument

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