Thursday 15 September 2011

Why is this?

I've just returned from my Chuseok adventure to Taiwan with my good friend Hayley. Due to flight availability we were on different flights back to Seoul. So without my companion to talk to, an empty seat next to me and an iPod with no battery (I didn't take my charger, Silly me) my attention was drawn to the inflight entertainment. It was only a small aircraft so it wasn't a screens-in-the-back-of-the-seats job so I had no say over what to watch. At first was the programme 'Just for laughs'. I've seen this before on Korean TV set in the UK, but this one was in Canada, pretty funny stuff, where they set up random members of the public in prank sketches. After that was Mr Bean, still funny all these years later, and then a really old football show came on. It was mostly a 'look at these mess-ups' programme with a few best goals of the 80s clips, but what struck me was; Why aren't football kits like this anymore? and more importantly why aren't footballers shorts this short anymore?! I think we should petition to bring them back, I think then more women would bother to learn the offside rule. For reals!

Peter Shilton, a goalie I have heard of!

Glad he's not wearing short shorts these days...

Ian Wright never fails to make me smile!

Went a bit down hill after his short shorts days, did our George Best.

Alright so Tony Adams isn't good looking, but his shorts are a good length :-)

Ray Clemence... It's amazing what a google search will find you.

Just imagine what the world cup could be like if short shorts ruled! Oh my...
Well I never said they had good hair in the 80s...

Check out that mustache!

I dunno who he is but his shorts are short

Good old Barnes-y!
Oh Dennis, You'll always hold a special place in my heart
None of these Gerrards or Fabregases can even live up to you.

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