Thursday 8 September 2011

Mud and picnics

2 months ago I went to the Boryeong Mud Festival. I took my throwaway waterproof camera. It was an old-fashioned film camera so I had to wait until I had finished the film. When we went to play with the Elephants in Chiang Mai I took it along and used up the rest of the film. The pictures have come out like those rustic ones people take using their iPhones. This is what photo quality used to be, but here mine are authentic!

A picnic in Bundang Park

Lovely and sunny

Ladies that picnic-lunch

A game the adjoshi's were playing
In the first bit of this film he was attempting to explain the rules, and I think he was saying that you're not allowed to look when you throw the sticks...

A rainbow in the fountain

Cartwheels and sunshine

Muddy Ladies

Ready for the big slide (That's Wendy's finger in the top corner)

Me and my Fonty

It's only lemonade in there, promise ;-)

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