Tuesday 6 September 2011

Our Tomb Raider failure.

 There are over a thousand temples in Angkor. Some stand amongst the world's most glorious religious buildings. Some are little more than rubble. Angkor Wat is thought to be the world's largest single religious building. The Angkor temples are also famous for being the setting for the first Tomb Raider movie. Although Angkor Wat is the most famous, Ta Prohm, one of the smaller temples was featured more in the film. It is by far the most atmospheric of all the temples that we visited. It has (seemingly) been left to nature. Moss, plants and trees snake between the buildings. One of the trees is called 'the Tomb Raider tree'. It was even featured in my guidebook. We wandered around Ta Prohm, enjoying the calm of the complex, and the shade of the forest surrounding the temple buildings. Even with many other tourists it was easy for us to wander off and find quiet spots here to enjoy the ethereal atmosphere. But the Tomb Raider tree? Not as easy to find... it eluded us this day...

A deserted area inside the temple.

Is this the TR tree?

Maybe it's this one?

Possibly this one?

Could this be THE tree?

Interesting, but not the famous tree

This one?

Maybe it's this one?

I know the tree is around here somewhere!
Ah come on now, it's gotta be this one?!
 No we didn't fing the correct tree. So here's someone else's picture of it.

(c) Gary Arndt

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  1. Great pictures! Angkor Wat is in the top 3 of places I just NEED to go. I'll be following you're posts from now one!

    Help out a sista and follow mine?? Just getting started and I would love to know what you think!


  2. I don't have a degree (missing certificate or not!) But I've been proud and impressed by the observations posted on your blog during your travels. I thought I would show you the amazing tree I found in the Azores and you havesurpassed that with your remarkable pictures, Oh well!! xx