Wednesday 21 September 2011

The Temples of Angkor

 On the first day we visited Angkor Wat. Then we decided the walk to Angkor Thom. If you visit the Angkor Temples DO NOT WALK TO ANGKOR THOM. It's 1 KM to the gate, and then 3 km more to the first temple and then all the other temples in this old walled city are pretty spread out too. We only saw Angkor Wat on the first day because we were nearly dead by the time we got to Angkor Thom, which also coincided with a huge downpour for which we were extremely unpreapared (One umbrella between us). After having some lunch we headed back to our hostel, tail between our legs for a nap and haribo consolation. Better luck the next day!

First building is a library

attempting to cut out the scaffolding holding Angkor Wat up!

Khmer Soliders

Saimese Soliders

Churning of the Ocean Milk

It's very steep up to the top of the temple, to signify how difficult it is to reach heaven and god.

We tired to get a spectacular sunset shot on the second day. But the clouds had other ideas.

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