Wednesday 7 September 2011

Food in Cambodia

Food in Cambodia. I'm not a picky eater, and when I travel somewhere I like to try the local food, but you also have to remember that I've been out of my home country for a year (minus 1 week when I went home for a wedding) so I couldn't help but induldge in some western favourites during this summer trip! Just too good to pass up! :-)

On the Mekong Delta tour they give you a pot noodle lunch. Normal, not spicy like the ones in Korea.
Calamari LOVE!

Chicken dinner. The gravy was a bit thick.
English Breakfast. How could I not?!
AND they had HP. Which I don't like but was impressed to see!
Easiliy some of the best food we had our whole trip. Street food at Phnom Penh's Central market food court.
It was definitely one of the cheapest meals too
Barbequed prawns, Skate and squid.

King prawns baby!

Cheese omlette breakfast, and tea of course.
We went to the Sorya Shopping centre, but the food court looked rank. So we had to settle for Pizza Hut. Mmmm cheese!
Fruit salad for Breakfast
We're so Korean now that we often order to share food...
Cambodian fare. Could I look more like the odd one out?!
Amok Curry
Cocktails in Phnom Penh. If you go here looking for a big party, you will be sorely disappointed!
Chicken Fajitas

and a frozen Daiquiri
Hummus, which got called Thomas the entire holiday after I misheard Wendy.

Thai Green Curry... well I was getting prepared for our next destination!

Breakfast in Siem Reap. I swear if I eat another egg I may turn into one!
Crocodile Burger.. well gotta try it!
It was not good! Really tough and bland!

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