Tuesday 20 September 2011

A year in review

 This month marks my one year in Seoul so here is a look back at the highs and lows the past year brought.

September was:

Arriving in a new apartment

finding my bearings

exploring new surroundings

and a rainy Chuseok adventure

October was:

Drinking too many cocktails 

sunday trips to cold stone

and the beginning of autumn

November was:

Boat rides

BBQ dinners

and lots of lanterns
December was:

Christmas sparkle

decorating the classroom

 staff dinners

winter camp

and pretending my heart isn't breaking in Busan

January was:

meeting cuties in the Philippines

trying to forget all our problems on the beach

pretending everything's ok in Tokyo

and eating expensive Sushi

February was:

a birthday or two

a wedding in England

family meals

and an emotional reunion

March was:

Owl museums
when both spring and Hayley arrived

and we went messing around in art galleries

April was:

When Chris left and we all felt lonely

May was:

International Football matches

soju nights


bike rides by the river

and visits from home, over too soon

June was:

Hopeful trips to Busan


Sand slides

and discovering new parks

 July was:

Saying goodbye to first year

soooooo much rain!


a second visitor from home

and summer camp

and August was travels around South East Asia


and then it was over in the blink of an eye.
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